About Us


Founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. Von Grüning offers a refreshing approach to art and fashion with artistic pieces that remain user-friendly and durable. Our hand-painted leather and original silhouettes are bound to turn heads and get conversations rolling.


One Million Tassels is a social initiative started by Founder Diana Von Grüning in 2019 as a way to demonstrate that all leather, no matter how small - is useful in one way or another and waste is not an option. We've created a mobile art instillation made up of thousands of leather tassles - and just like our bags: No two are exactly alike. The Tassel wall is a fun photo-op but it contains an important message - every single one of the tassels is made of leather that was spared from a landfill. The instillation is designed to show that re-purposed leather can be stunning.